Semesterticket FAQ - here you can find answers on the most asked questions regarding the Semesterticket.

As of October 1st 2019, the Semesterticket will include all of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg (HVV A+B). The ticket won’t inlcude the Sylt bus, the bus services on the North Frisian islands and is not valid in ICE/IC/EC trains. As of the first day of the winter semester, all students who have ordered and downloaded their Semesterticket Schleswig-Holstein can use all the trains and busses of local transport in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg as often as they wish, that means 24/7, every day of the week, all days of the semester from October to April and April to October.

You can get the map in high-res. as .pdf here.
The zoomed-in map of the Hamburg zones can the found here:HVV-Map with Rings A and B.
The tariff rules of the Semester ticket are here: Tarifbestimmungen Semesterticket Schleswig-Holstein

Landesweites Semesterticket

124€ is the price for the statewide Semestticket in the winter semester 19/20. After that it rises each semester with 6€, until it costs 148€.

Wintersemester 2019/20 124,00€
Sommersemester 2020 130,00€
Wintersemester 2020/21 136,00€
Sommersemester 2021 142,00€
Wintersemester 2021/22 148,40€ (psot-introduction survey included)

The state of Schleswig-Holstein gives 9 million Euros as start-up financing and to cover financial risks for the transit companies. This funding is melted down, so there won’t be a big jump and it happens step by step.

All information on the semester fee, what it does include etc. can be found here.

In January 2019 the students of CAU where asked if they want to have the statewide Semesterticket. After that, the elected student’s parliament voted in favor of the introduction of the statewide Semesterticket.

The ticket will be intruduced for the winter semester 2019/20. That means students of CAU can use it starting October 1st 2019.
You can order it before that, but you’re not allowed to use it before the semester starts.

Yes, you can. It’s valid 24/7 and on all days of the 6 month of each semester. The valid period for the winter semester starts October 1st, the one for the summer semester starts April 1st (no joke).

It’s possible to take 3 kids under the age of 6 with you. Additional kids need an own ticket. Addtional adults, dogs and bikes are not (yet) included in the Semesterticket and need extra tickets, too. We hope they will be included in the Semesterticket the following years.

You can order your ticket (mobile or paper) on the NAH.SH Homepage.

The page to order the code/ticket can be found here.

There you can decide if you want to have the mobile ticket, which will be integrated in the NAH.SH app, or a paper ticket, which will be send to you by mail.
Be aware: If you choose the paper ticket, you’ll get just one replacement per semester and switching between mobile and paper ticket during the semester is not possible.

More information how to get the ticket can be found here.

There are refund and hardship rules. (e.g. if you have a handicap or study at a university outside of the area of validity and so on).

All information on that on our Refund and Hardship Page.

There is just one version of the Semesterticket. Different versions like “just Kiel” or “everything but Hamburg” don’t exist. Just because of this solidary form/version the price can be that low for all students.

In the end the Semestertickets costs, what students ride in tickets costs. The current price was surveyed some semesters ago where they looked into the public transportation mobility behavior of students in SH.
After the launch of the new Semesterticket there will be a next survey to get new numbers.

With the end of the funding of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, we as the students’s body can cancel this contract and would fall back to the Kiel area ticket.
The students’ parliament would have to vote on that.

Whether we students want to keep the ticket depends on the tariff conditions then and what the result of the upcoming price negotioations will be.

The ticket is financed with a solidarity model, comparable to the Mensa or Fachschaften, which are subsidized with your semester fee. For a private person a comparable ticket would cost right now 3094,20€/a.

Really? Checked the other pages (area of validity and so on?)

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We’ll be happy to help you!

We added “Troubleshooting” with the most common problems and solutions to the “Unlocking the Ticket“-page 😉